“Justin has always responded to the needs and requests that the . . .board have brought to him in a timely manner. He has been very courteous and professional with all the board members here at the . . . condo association.”- Dorine R. – Association Trustee

“Ken Hergert is the best manager we have ever had. He works very well with the trustees and always follows through with requests and projects that need to be done.”- John B., Board President

“Have recommended Salisbury Management to several other condo associations in the area.”- Linda T., Association Trustee

“Amy is doing a great job. She came up to speed quickly transitioning with Justin. She is responsive & well organized. We appreciate her follow through on tasks.” -Carol C., Association Trustee

“Amy has been wonderful to work with. She listens & gets things done was needed. She is professional and makes our meetings a work in progress. It is a pleasure to have Amy.”- Association Trustee

“Because of Ken I am part of the . . . board of trustees. Ken is exceptional! We have had other property managers and have had problems with their ability to manage the resident issues in a timely, respectful manner with many complaints from people. Since Ken has been the PM, we have not had any complaints or problems. He is respectful, productive, organized, kind and willing to do what needs to be done for the betterment of the property.” – Association Trustee

“Love having a quality company as our management company!” – Nancy F., Association Trustee

“Dennis Ravelli is our Property Manager. He does a great job in a quiet, unassuming way. He visits our property regularly to inspect. He communicates quickly to any request. He follows through with all of our vendors. He is technically very competent in Property Management.

Salisbury Management has done a very good job managing our “back office” operations. Whenever a board member has a question about accounting issues, they are resolved quickly.” – John D., Board President

“It is a pleasure to respond with a level of excellence for the relationship between the Trustees and Justin. He has proven over and over again, to be reasonable and responsive to the needs of Oakwood Farms. He is pro-active and demonstrates great follow through on all issues he is faced with. He demonstrates professionalism, and is a great source of information and provides us with advice and direction. Justin is a great representative for Salisbury Management.” – Tom W., Association Trustee

“I have worked with property management companies for over 15 years. Salisbury Management Company Inc. has by far been the most experienced and effective company that I have dealt with. Our liaison has been present at all our meetings and goes above requirements to ensure that our board of trustees operates with reassurance regarding ongoing and complicated issues.

We have been provided estimates, quotes, and guidance in reasonable time and according to our specifications. When we experience emergencies, Salisbury Management Company has been available and effective in resolving situations on site. Our liaison is on site whenever needed and communicates all updates extremely well.

I would not hesitate to recommend Salisbury Management to any prospective trustee or board of trustees. I respect the opinion of our liaison as issues are approached with knowledge and years of hands on experience.”- Regina R., Association Trustee

“Your maintenance guys have been GREAT by the way. They immediately discovered and fixed the water penetration in the 3rd floor of this unit. They patched the concrete foundation about 2 weeks ago and were pretty sure it would need a more permanent fix. They were right.

I’ve been in residential real estate for 18 years. You are absolutely the best management company I’ve ever dealt with. Extremely responsive and diligent. Thank you. It has been a pleasure working with you! – Doug S., Unit Owner

“Just wanted to let you know that Dick and Gary did a great job repairing the back of the house. They discovered many boards that were rotten underneath. They were very friendly, quiet and neat, left the deck as they found it and picked up all debris. The repairs look great. Thank you.” – Bud & Coleen F., Unit Owners