Maintain Association bank accounts.
Make deposits and transfers to appropriate bank accounts at the direction of the Board.
Implement ACH (automatic clearing house) payment option.
Reconcile monthly bank statements.
Pay bills on a timely basis.
Maintain vendor listing and invoices for each bill.
Work with accountants on association audits.
Develop an Annual Budget for approval by the Board.


Collect all fees when due.
Initiate a collection process for serious delinquencies.
Present requests for special consideration and Board decision.
Ensure compliance with Massachusetts Condominium Act, M.G.L. Chapter 183A.


Regularly inspect the property and make recommendations to the Board for needed work.
Oversee and inspect the work of contractors and vendors.


Perform all routine and emergency work with in-house or contracted employees:

Painting, plowing, roofing, gutters, light bulb changes, flooring, carpentry, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and landscaping.
Salisbury Management, Inc. provides 24/7, on-call service for unit owners and their tenants:

A 24-hour message service.
A 24-hour beeper service for office and maintenance staff.


Enforce rules and regulations.
Distribute monthly reports to trustees.
Maintain complete records for the Condominium Association.
Ensure appropriate insurance coverage for the Condominium Association and administer insurance claims to their resolution.
Provide the Board of Trustees with a monthly information package including: Property Activity Report, copies of all correspondence in/out of our office, Proposals and a detailed Financial Reports.
The Financial Report includes:12 month Income and Expense Statement, Budget Comparison Report, Income and Expense Register, Aging Accounts Receivable, Balance Sheet, Bank Reconciliation Report and copies of all the Association’s bank statements.


Salisbury Management Inc. conducts/attends the following meetings:
Board of Trustee meetings.
Annual Association meetings.

Special unit owner meetings as necessary.

Regular Staff meetings to promote communication related to client issues.


Salisbury Management, Inc. makes a Customer Service representative available to you, the unit owner, tenant, Board Member or vendor, 24 per day, 7 days per week.
Salisbury Management, Inc. delivers the highest quality of personalized customer service, striving for prompt responses in problem-solving to manage your concerns skillfully.
We endeavor to maintain friendly and open lines of communication between all parties.We train our staff to be always helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Salisbury Management, Inc. values your opinion and we encourage feedback about your experience with us.
Salisbury Management, Inc. continues to grow through the referrals of satisfied customers.